I'm so done with the Netherlands. A friend and I are trying to plan an 8 day European roadtrip with me as the solo driver, but that's barely enough time to drive to the south of France. It takes such a long time before you reach anything that resembles nature here. #rant

@Gina and here i tought "I'd really like to visit the Netherlands"
We can swap places for 8 days!

@Gina north of Italy! Then you could choose between Italy, Germany, France, Austria
A fair amount of nature ahah

@v4ngu4rd ooooh I'd love to go there, but 8 days isn't enough.


@Gina @v4ngu4rd I think one day would be enough to get either to the south of France or northern Italy, than then in 6 days you can move around a lot as everything is pretty close in both places (main issue might be with choice overload ;) ). Sleeping somewhere different every night would be painless and that would leave an extra day for the final leg home. I’d say go for it!

@michele @Gina i agree, embarrassing amount of places to visit 😜

@v4ngu4rd @michele very true, but I'm a bit wary of having to drive 6 hours per day as I'm the only driver. Plus we'd still have to get back too.

Goddamit I'm this close 👌 to saying fuck it and driving up there tonight in one 12 hour long drive.

@Gina @michele do it girl! You're young once in a lifetime 😉
(is nice to be the devil..ahah)

@Gina @v4ngu4rd sure there’s a long stint to get to either Italy or SF, but once you’re here (or there) it’s less than an hour drive to get to most places

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