The first beta build of #Lagrange for iOS is now on TestFlight.

Join now and not only will you get a preview of v1.3, but you'll also get to enjoy a variety of exciting bugs. Will it crash and burn?


Filing taxes: 30 min.

Panic attack because you're terrified of doing it wrong and being labeled a fraud and having your life destroyed like the many others who have been crushed by the Dutch Tax Authority and years later still live with systemic debt oh fuck idk *wheeze* take all my money omg please just leave me alone: 2 hours.

#adulting #taxes #yay

@Gina @v4ngu4rd sure there’s a long stint to get to either Italy or SF, but once you’re here (or there) it’s less than an hour drive to get to most places

@sondering67 @mike I use Archlinux mostly out of habit, but it can get cumbersome at times. For a beginner I’d suggest Ubuntu because it’s easy to get it setup and the defaults are quite sane, plus it’s easy to find answers to most questions online. PopOS is an ok alternative and it’s based on ubuntu. If I was starting from scratch with no previous knowledge, I’d probably go PopOS.

@Gina @v4ngu4rd I think one day would be enough to get either to the south of France or northern Italy, than then in 6 days you can move around a lot as everything is pretty close in both places (main issue might be with choice overload ;) ). Sleeping somewhere different every night would be painless and that would leave an extra day for the final leg home. I’d say go for it!

@Gina one of the best purchases ever: I can cook almost anything in it, and being Italian that means a lot. Plus, it’s not so expensive if you think how long it will last compared to those other cheap-o pans...

Remember, there is a generation that don't see nothing wrong here.

Boost if you get it ;)

In my experience, existing contributors who are comfortable in their workflow is a known value, and thereotical new contributors who might be more comfortable in a different workflow is an unknown value. I would sooner cater to the former group, who have already demonstrated a history of consistent contributions under an existing workflow.

This is why sway and wlroots are still on GitHub, despite the fact that, you know, I am the CEO of a competing service. I am in a position to force these projects to move to, but it would be disruptive, risk alienating established contributors, and likely be a net negative for the project.

If you put your programming article up behind the paywall on instead of on your own blog, you are not a true hacker, and will not hear the horns of freedom when you die, and the blinkenlights of Das Komputermaschine will not shine above your grave.

covid-19, pandemic 

@wolf480pl @rysiek @tga yes, that would be better, but it’s already a great starting point! Thanks @rysiek!

covid-19, pandemic 

@rysiek looks great. What do you think of adding scaling of the growth based on population? if you see the US graph it's almost vertical and compared to Italy (where I'm from) it doesn't really make sense if you think of cases for 1Ms of people

@Paul @sir this! If one knows what they’re doing (which I know is your case) they might as well be the best

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